2024 Honda Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew

2024 Honda Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew
TrueTimber Atera Camo
MSRP: $21,999.00
Manufacturer: Honda
Condition: New




The first part of getting any job right is bringing the right tools. And when you have big jobs to tackle, the 2024 Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew is definitely the right tool—because it lets you bring so much along! Gear, parts, people—the Pioneer 1000-6 hauls it all and then some. Load it up with six passengers. Load everything else in the full-size tilt bed, or hook up a trailer since you have 2500 pounds of towing capacity. And while the second row of seats is the first thing you’ll see, you won’t appreciate them until you actually sit back there. We moved the center-rear seat just a little forward so they’re the best accommodations in the house with a huge amount of shoulder room. And don’t forget our automatic Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT) with 2WD, 4WD and Differential Lock, a high/low subtransmission, self-leveling rear suspension, standard doors, and a pre-wiring package that makes it easy to add Honda accessories like a winch, additional lighting, and much more. This year we have some new color choices, including our exclusive TrueTimber® Atera Camo. The Honda Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew is your side-by-side solution for big jobs—or big fun after the work’s done!




Engine Type
999cc longitudinally mounted liquid-cooled twin-cylinder four-stroke
Bore And Stroke
92.0mm x 75.2mm
Valve Train
Unicam® SOHC; four valves per cylinder
Compression Ratio
Programmed Fuel Injection (PGM-FI); 44mm throttle body

Drive Train

Fully automatic Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) with six forward gears, reverse, high/low subtransmission and paddle shifters; four drive modes (2WD, 4WD, Turf and Differential Lock); three shift modes (Standard, Sport, and Manual)
Direct front and rear driveshafts

Chassis Suspension Brakes

Front Suspension
Independent double-wishbone; 10.5-inch travel
Rear Suspension
Independent double-wishbone; 10.0-inch travel
Front Brakes
Dual 210mm discs
Rear Brakes
Dual 210mm discs
Front Tires
27 x 9-14
Rear Tires
27 x 11-14


152.2 inches
63.0 inches
76.1 inches
115.2 inches
Bed Capacity
1000 pounds (49 states); 600 pounds (CA model)
Towing Capacity
2500 pounds
Ground Clearance
12.6 inches
Turning Radius
18.7 feet
Curb Weight
1936 pounds - Includes all standard equipment, required fluids and full tank of fuel.
Fuel Capacity
7.9 gallons, including 1.7-gallon reserve


Recommended for Drivers 16 years of age and older.
Available Colors
Avenger Red, Black Forest Green, TrueTimber® Atera Camo
Model ID

Factory Warranty Information

One Year Included
Transferable, limited warranty
Optional Extended
Extended coverage available with a HondaCare® Protection Plan



  • SEATING CAPACITY FOR SIX If there’s one feature that distinguishes the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew it’s this: the full-sized crew-cab-style back seat. There’s a massive amount of leg and foot room for the rear passengers, and the center seat in the rear is set a little forward, so you don’t bump shoulders with the passengers next to you.
  • LARGE INSTRUMENT DISPLAY The Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew instruments feature a large LCD screen with big, easy-to-read text. We’ve also added a Trip B function as well as a battery-voltage display and a tachometer display. We’ve even changed the background color for improved visibility in direct sunlight.
  • COMFORTABLE RIDE With its long wheelbase, four-wheel independent suspension, tons of legroom and Honda engineering, the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew offers an exceptionally comfortable ride that’s particularly smooth for the rear-seat passengers.
  • TILTING STEERING WHEEL The Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew features a tilt steering wheel that makes getting in and out a lot easier than ever, especially if you’re taller or wearing bulky clothes. The instrument pod tilts with the wheel, too.
  • DRIVELINE DAMPER Here’s another example of Honda attention to detail: Like our Talon sport side-by-sides, the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew gets a special cam-type propshaft damper. It cuts down on vibration, helps driveline parts last longer, and gives you a smoother more enjoyable ride. 
  • BEST IN CLASS COMFORT AND CABIN SPACE The new Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew doesn’t just carry more people, it carries them in unmatched comfort. That’s because of all the legroom front and rear, the staggered rear-center seat, the tilt steering wheel, the plus seating, the best-in-class shoulder room, and so much more.
  • AUTO-LEVELING REAR SUSPENSION This is a Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew breakthrough. When you load up the bed and the cab of any vehicle, it begins to sag down on the springs. But with our auto-leveling system, when you take off driving, as the shock compresses and extends, it automatically pumps you back up to a level ride. Best of all, you don’t have to do a thing: it’s all automatic, and there’s no electronics involved. You maintain ground clearance, comfort and handling, without compromises.
  • SOPHISTICATED CHASSIS Some of the most impressive Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew features are those you’ll never see. In addition to the suspension and ground clearance, we rubber-mounted the engine and exhaust system to help insulate the cabin against vibration. So, while you may not see this feature, it’s one you will definitely notice.
  • COOLER CABIN Our engineers have given the whole Pioneer 1000 lineup some big improvements when it comes to helping manage cabin heat. You’ll ride cooler and be more comfortable in warm-weather conditions.


  • POWERFUL 999cc TWIN-CYLINDER ENGINE Using the same Unicam® cylinder head design found in our motocross and Africa Twin adventure bikes, the class-leading 999cc liquid-cooled inline twin is more compact, and it still delivers the kind of horsepower and torque you’d expect from a flagship model.
  • ASSEMBLED IN THE U.S.A. The Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew is purpose-built for the American market, right in America. Domestically and globally sourced parts are all assembled at our plant in Timmonsville, South Carolina, and once these side-by-sides roll off the line, they’re ready to explore every corner of the country.
  • FULLY AUTOMATIC SIX-SPEED DCT TRANSMISSION Drive the way you want, with the industry’s first and only six-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission. Choose between manual mode or fully automatic. There’s even a new easy-to-use tow/haul mode, along with 2WD, 4WD, Differential Lock and Turf selections.
  • TOW/HAUL MODE An exclusive Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew feature, the special tow/haul mode holds each gear position longer when you’re dealing with heavy loads. Choosing it is easy and instinctive: there’s a dedicated switch on the dash. In four-wheel drive and low range, it’s also a great choice for going up or down steep trails or driving over large obstacles.
  • 2500-POUND TOWING CAPACITY  Have a big load to haul? The Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew offers 2500 pounds of towing capacity, along with the full cargo bed. So now instead of hopping on the tractor or taking out the truck, you can stay right in your side-by-side and tackle those bigger jobs with relative ease.
  • ENGINE AIR INTAKE To get the most out of your engine, you need the best air going into it. That’s why we positioned the air intake up high under the hood. It helps ensure a cleaner air supply, even at deeper fording depths, and with a viscous air filter element, you get increased performance and longer service intervals.
  • HIGH/LOW SUBTRANSMISSION Heavy duty four-wheel-drive trucks have a high/low transfer case, and that’s why we gave the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew a high/low subtransmission. High is for normal use, but low range lets you tackle really tough trail sections and technical terrain features, multiplying available torque and helping you navigate at lower speeds.


  • MORE UNDERSEAT STORAGE The Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew has tons of underseat storage. The whole area under the front seat is open, and there’s more storage under the removable rear seat too. These are perfect locations for things like heavy tools, chains, tow straps and more that you use often, and carrying them here in our accessory storage bag keeps the bed available for other cargo.
  • UNDER-DASH STORAGE Standard equipment on the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew, this practical under-dash shelf keeps frequently used items right up front in the cab.
  • CARGO CAPACITY The Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew leaves nothing—or no one—behind. In addition to the seating for six, you have a huge amount of storage under the front seat, as well as weather-protected storage under the rear seat too. Plus, the dump bed holds 1000 pounds of payload.
  • GLOVEBOX Our Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew features in-dash storage that’s perfect for small items. In the cabin, a convenient oversized glovebox holds your essentials and keeps them dry. The water-resistant door helps prevent the elements from getting inside, and features an easy-to-use latch.


  • 1000-POUND-CAPACITY TILT BED There are a ton of reasons to buy a Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew. Among them: the half-ton hauling capacity.* And when it comes to dumping, we’ve made it easier than ever, with a hydraulic assist tilt bed lever. *600-pound bed capacity for California models
  • CARRY MORE PEOPLE AND CARGO Take it with you—that’s the whole idea behind the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew. Room for more people, room for more stuff inside. Room for a full-sized tipping cargo bed behind. Room to tow a trailer. More room, more passengers and more carrying capacity means more work gets done and more fun afterward.
  • PRE-WIRED FOR ACCESSORIES We’ve pre-wired our 2024 Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew for accessory switches, so you don’t have to run a lot of extra wiring. For things like a winch alone, it slashes installation time as well as making the installation easier and cleaner. We’ve even included an extra, integrated grounding terminal.
  • ACCESSORY SWITCH PANEL Standard equipment on the 2024 Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew, the switch panel has room for seven switches, letting you control things like a winch, accessory lights, and more. A fully integrated design, it sits in the center of the dashboard, underneath the other switches and controls.
  • HAULING AND TOWING With 1000 pounds of bed capacity,* 2500 pounds of towing capacity, and the special tow/haul mode, the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew is the most tow and haul friendly side-by-side out there. Whether it’s taking a boat down to the lake or tools out to the worksite, the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew is the side-by-side for the job. *600-pound bed capacity for California models
  • BIGGER CUPHOLDERS You asked, we listened. The primary dash-mounted and front-door cupholders in our 2024 Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew are upsized and big enough to hold the most popular insulated tumblers. Plus, the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew also features cup holders in every door.
  • AVAILABLE ACCESSORIES Right from the start, we have a wide range of Honda Accessories available for the new Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew, everything from a winch to lightbars, a cab heater, audio system, storage bags, hard roof, and much, much more. Best of all, because they’re from Honda, you know they’ll look right, fit right and work right, and that they’re built to the same high standards as your Pioneer.
  • 12-VOLT ACCESSORY SOCKET The 2024 Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew features a standard 12-volt power socket in the bed. It’s perfect for powering things like a spotlight, work light, sprayer, air compressor, 110-volt inverter and more.


  • ELECTRIC POWER STEERING (EPS) Our Honda Electric Power Steering has always been a groundbreaking innovation, and the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew gets our next-generation brushless-motor unit with a return-to-center function. With 50-percent more assist than on our earlier Pioneer 1000 models, it’s a great asset when all six seats are filled. As always, there are no belts or pumps to slip, break or leak. It’s a “smart” system too—you get more assistance when you need it, and less when you don’t.
  • ADVANCED TRANSMISSION LOGIC The brain of the DCT, Advanced Transmission Logic, senses how you drive and adapts. Relaxed drivers get earlier shifts for a quieter ride at lower engine speeds. Sportier drivers will hold each gear longer for higher RPM shifts. And when going downhill, you get true engine braking. Now that’s a smart transmission.


  • DOUBLE-LATCH DOORS The Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew is built with your safety in mind. For example, our standard-equipment hard doors feature a double latching system. They work together with our roll-up side nets, helping to keep the elements outside and you more secure inside.
  • DRIVER/PASSENGER PROTECTION Staying safe is essential, both at work and when having fun. That’s why the Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew is equipped with an Occupant Protection Structure, using large-diameter tubing and meeting the ISO rollover protection standard. And in the cabin, integrated handrails, recessed top tubes and automotive-style three-point seatbelts with emergency locking retractors help keep passengers securely in place.
  • SAFETY NETS We’ve recently upgraded the safety nets on all our Pioneer 1000 models to connect and disconnect more easily, just like on our Talon sport side-by-side models.
  • FOUR-WHEEL DISC BRAKES The Pioneer 1000-6 Deluxe Crew has reliable disc brakes to help you stop on a dime. Built to the same standard as you’d find in our autos, the four-wheel disc brakes minimize debris from building up, ensuring consistent performance, and giving you confidence on the trail.

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